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Life Insurance in Forked River, NJ

Finding the right life insurance can help relieve the worry that your family isn’t left with costly expenses (e.g., burial costs, estate taxes) if you pass away unexpectedly. It can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Contact Findlow Insurance in Forked River, New Jersey, to learn more about our life insurance policies.

What Is Life Insurance?

A life insurance policy is a way to provide financial support to your loved ones after you pass away. It may be used to prevent outstanding payments in your name (e.g., loans, mortgage) from falling to your family after you die, to help provide for your family’s future costs (e.g., college tuition) or to help reimburse your family for services you provided (e.g., childcare).

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance is a legally binding agreement between you and your insurance company. In exchange for your premiums, your insurer is obligated to pay a lump sum—known as a death benefit—if you die while your policy is in effect. Depending on the type of life insurance policy you choose, it may also allow you to accrue wealth by borrowing or withdrawing money from your policy.

Types of Life Insurance

The duration of your life insurance policy and the benefits provided will depend on the type of life insurance coverage you select. There are two primary types of life insurance coverage, they are:

  • Term life insurance will provide coverage for a set amount of years. After your term is up, your beneficiaries will no longer receive a death benefit when you die. Term life insurance is typically the cheaper of the two policies.
  • Permanent life insurance, also known as whole life insurance or universal life insurance, will provide coverage for the duration of your life. Generally, these policies have a level premium—meaning your insurance costs will stay the same throughout your life, even when you’re older and require more coverage. Depending on your insurer, you may also be able to accrue cash value through your permanent life insurance policy by withdrawing or borrowing money from your policy.

The best life insurance policy is the one that suits your needs. Contact Findlow Insurance to speak to a life insurance agent today.

What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Although your life insurance coverage may vary with your insurance company, here are some common benefits:

  • Final expenses may assist with your burial, funeral and estate administration costs.
  • Inheritance creation may help you create an inheritance to pass down your assets.
  • Lost income may provide financial support to those who depend upon your salary.
  • Estate taxes may assist with tax payments related to transferring your estate.

How Do I Buy Life Insurance?

Let us help. Contact Findlow Insurance to learn more about our life insurance policies and to get a life insurance quote.